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This community is a book club for those who read fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, horror, sci-fi and any book dealing with the paranormal. Members can post about any book they've just read, can request suggestions, discuss anything about these genres, etc.

Post about anything as long as you can relate it to the above mentioned genres.

The main goal of this book club is talk about these genres and read books. There is no age range; books can be adult or young adult. Have fun!

Note: Japanese graphic novels (manga) in those genres are also accepted in this book club.

New members, feel free to post a list of your favoirte authors or books in these genres. Post as much as you want!

1. Any major spoilers must have warnings and be put behind lj-cuts.
2. Please be respectful.
3. No flamming.

Feel free to suggest an author to add to the interest list.

About me: I'm a university student working on a degree in literature. I've always loved reading, fantasy and horror being my favorite genres.